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Q&A with experts - Kangaroo Care with Susan Ludington (May 3rd and May 7th, 2021)

Special thanks to Susan Ludington and to our sponsors and collaborators:


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Documents that Dr. Ludington mentioned are these: 

These videos are unedited but we wanted to release them on time for KC Day. Please forgive any problems with the video or audio.  Also note that the background that Dr. Ludington used was provided and required by Case University.

MAY 3rd, 2021

We signed in early and started chatting so we are including that "intro" as it has important information.   The official session starts on minute 16:20 and lasts one hour but we also ended later than scheduled. It was a wonderful session and we want to thank Yamile Jackson, the founder of the Kangaroo Care Day, for hosting it.


MAY 7th, 2021

Another wonderful event - we started on time and ended a bit later. 




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  • Nice presentation/Q&A. Kangaroo Care is so good for babies and parents/families! As Susie says, Keep spreading the word!!
    (NICU Nurse, Lactation Consultant, KC research, KC proponent for )almost 30 years!

    Fritzi Drosten

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