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Kangaroo Care ONE DAY CHALLENGE for parents

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Parents are joining forces and challenging and inviting all parents to hold their babies skin to skin as much as possible for the ONE DAY Kangaroo Care Day CHALLENGE happening on May 15th (local time).

Let's count how many hours babies are held skin to skin globally on May 15th. 

All parents and legal guardians are invited to pre-register their own baby before 11:59 pm (local time) on May 15th and then share how many hours the baby was kangarooed (combining everyone that held the baby that day) on May 15th.

This challenge is for BABIES and PARENTS globally

(only parents or legal guardians can register)

You will receive instructions on how to keep track and share the time on by the end of May 15th and share in social media all day #kangaroocareday.  Results will be posted in the kangaroo.care website, social media, and via email to those that register.  Names or contact information will not be shared, only the hours.

WHERE: Globally, at any home, hospital, any place.

WHO: Baby and caregivers must be cleared to kangaroo by a qualified healthcare professional (nurse, therapist, lactation consultant, physician, etc.) Safety is our #1 priority. 

WHAT IF I CAN'T HOLD OR NOT HAVE A BABY?  You may enter anyway and tell us the reason why you could not hold the baby (i.e., baby not stable, parent could not go to the hospital that day, etc.) or Click here if you support KC Day but do not participate in a contest.

QUESTIONS? Contact us! 

Parent organizations that support the Kangaroo Care Day and the ONE DAY CHALLENGE:

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