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Kangaroo Care NICU Challenge - by Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center

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Kangaroo Care Challenge for NICUsIf you are a NICU that wants to join this Challenge of Kangaroo Care and have some fun in the process, we invite you to join Sunnybrook's Challenge.

Here is an excerpt from their website: 

In partnership with the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation, we are inviting you to join together with units all across North America, Australia and beyond, to celebrate Kangaroo Care with a massive kangaroo-a-thon. Last year's results were very impressive.  For the Level 2 NICU competition, St Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto, Ontario led the way with a reported total of 4.5 hours of holding per baby per day!! For the Level 3/4 NICU competition, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, Ontario won with an average of 3.0 hours/baby/day! 
The vision
Join a global Kangaroo-a-thon beginning May 1 and ending on May 15 to celebrate Kangaroo Care Awareness Day."

Visit their website to register and for more information:
2018 Sunnybrook Kangaroo Care Challenge 

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  • Please can 13.5 hours be added to the global kangaroo-a-thon, on behalf of Blackpool Neonatal Unit, Lancashire, United Kingdom.
    This was carried out in one day (15th may).
    Hopefully we will do it for the full two weeks next year


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