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Recording and Resources: In Touch With Experts: LIVE - Livio Provenzi, Ph.D - Does the family's NICU experience matter? Epigenetics: what it is, why we must care.

To celebrate Kangaroo Care Day (May 15), we hosted three international guest experts in May 2022.
Click on the name of our guest expert to watch their recording:
Livio Provenzi, Ph.D. (Italy)     Dr. Agnes Linnér (Sweden)     Dr. Dorothy Vittner (USA)
For information about the three sessions, click here

Does the family's NICU experience matter?
Epigenetics: what it is, why we must care.

Dr. Livio Provenzi Ph.D. psychologist and a researcher in developmental psychobiology


  • Books:

Developmental Human Behavioral Epigenetics

Livio Provenzi, Rosario Montirosso

2020 - Elsevier, Academic Press

This book offers a systematic account of theoretical frameworks, methodologies, findings, and future directions in the field of Developmental Human Behavioral Epigenetics. It includes contributions from Ed Tronick, Tania Roth, Pasco Fearon and others.

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Psicobiologia dello Sviluppo

Livio Provenzi

2021 - Carocci Editore

Si tratta di una lonely planet per studenti e ricercatori interessati a esplorare il mondo della psicobiologia dello sviluppo. Il volume presenta i principi di base, i principali sistemi e meccanismi - dalla neuroendocrinologia all'epigenetica - e contesti di applicazione.  BUY NOW




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ABOUT KANGAROO CARE DAY: The International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day is an initiative founded by Yamile Jackson, Ph.D., PE, PMP on behalf of her son, Zachary, to improve the care of families through nurturing touch, kangaroo care, mental health, trauma-informed care, and education.  It is now celebrated in hospitals globally on May 15th since 2011. Visit


She also founded Nurtured by Design and engineered The Zaky®

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