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The right of every baby to sleep while feeling loved, comfortable, safe, and protected


to change the world of those that matter most

Happy Kangaroo Care Day!

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In this 60-minute session, Susan Ludington will share her wisdom, answer our questions about kangaroo care,  explain the impact of COVID-19, and share how to leverage skin to skin contact to improve the healthcare outcomes of newborn babies and parents in every setting.

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During COVID-19, hold on to love and 40 years of scientific evidence.

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Yes! you, me, all of us!

Ideas to Celebrate, Engage, and Share Kangaroo Care

Babies and parents have always needed each other

Why it matters?

Moms, grandmoms, friends,

dads, uncles, and volunteers around the world

increase kangaroo care awareness and practice

to welcome them into a gentler and more humane world.

Organizations that celebrate and support Kangaroo Care Day include...