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Count what counts: Kangaroo-a-thons! Webinar (RECORDING)

Discover what is a kangaroo-a-thon, how to host or join a successful kangaroo-a-thon and explore the data you'd receive when using The Zaky® app. Analytics are crucial in monitoring progress and enhancing the effectiveness of your Kangaroo Care Program - all year long!


- Welcome to the International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15)

- Welcome to the International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15)

- Welcome to the International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15)

- Welcome to the International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15)

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The 2024 theme is "Embrace the Magic"

"Embrace the Magic" as a theme for kangaroo care encapsulates the transformative and almost enchanting nature of the practice.

Kangaroo care is a method of holding a premature or full term baby skin-to-skin and chest-to-chest, from birth and for a few months after due date.


Are you considering participating in a Kangaroo-a-thon?

Count what counts. Analytics are crucial for assessing the impact, tracking progress, and optimizing the effectiveness of your Kangaroo Care Program.


2024 Kangaroo Care Awareness Day Logo - (Free download)

Celebrate the spirit of connection and nurturing with the 2024 Kangaroo Care Awareness Day Logo, available for free download. This emblem beautifully captures the essence of Kangaroo Care, a practice that emphasizes the importance of skin-to-skin contact between caregivers and infants.

Free download (20+ languages)

Experiences That Speak Volumes

Embracing Kangaroo Care Day (May 15) Worldwide!

It was a great experience to get staff and families fired up about doing skin to skin.

Covenant Healthcare Kangaroo Club

We were able to almost double our previous record for kangaroo care. We changed how we tracked holding and that made a huge difference.

Bronson Children's Hospital

The parents that participated felt excited to do so, and were happy to spent so much time with their babies. 

NICU AZ Middelheim

Belle dynamique professionnelle

Néonatalogie Centre Hospitalier de Calais

The whole team got involved and was very committed to increasingly implement Kangaroo Care.

Maternidade Escolada UFRJ

We set up a table with information about the Kangaroo-a-thon at the check-in desks. Parents were able to take information as well as read posters. It was decorated with the cute baby animals and in a purple them. I would like to improve our involvement for next year.

St. Louis Children's Hospital

For a first participation, the motivation of the team and the parents was excellent.

Hôpital de Saint-Quentin

We tried our best to make all team members (doctors, nurses, allied health professionals) aware of the upcoming Kangaroo-a-thon.

Neonatal Unit, Singleton Hospital

It was our first and we had a great time! It was great to promote our Skin-to-skin care project and made it a fun thing to do around our unit. If we had more funding, we could have made it bigger on our end.

Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, NICU

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