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Instructions for Coaches

Creating and account and registering your team in The Zaky APP will take about 10 minutes. Please read the instructions and information provided in every screen.

Only a team leader may join or create contests for their team.

Step 1 - Create a COACH account

Go to

Sign up to create a COACH account.

Step 2 - Join a team

After completing your registration, you'll have an option to join or create a team.

The Team Code is provided by the team leader and you may see the flyer with the code.

Step 3 - Coach parents and remind them to track their sessions

View the rankings of the babies, coaches, and teams in The Zaky Web APP.

What you share:

Coaches share their screen name and location (City, State, and Country) with other coaches in the same team, and the name, job title, and location with the Team Leader.

Go to to sign in or sign up

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