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About the International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15)

It is a celebration dedicated to advancing the safe implementation of skin-to-skin care and nurturing healing moments.

Originating in 2011, it has evolved into a universally embraced initiative, uniting people worldwide beyond geographical and organizational boundaries.

Join us in making May 15 a day filled with love, warmth, connection, celebrations, and lots of kangaroo care!

#KangarooCareDay #CelebrateWithLove

  • Our Mission

    To increase the knowledge, practice, safety, and love for the transformative intervention called Kangaroo Care or Skin-to-Skin Care.

    This day serves as a beacon of hope, bringing together families, healthcare professionals, and communities to improve kangaroo care and the quality of life of everyone involved.

  • Community-Centric Focus:

    We are imperfect people from every corner of the world, that believe in the strength of community celebration and support for babies and families. 

    Kangaroo Care Day (May 15) is not longer just an event; it's a movement driven by the shared experiences, stories, and dedication of families, volunteers, and the healthcare team who have embraced Kangaroo Care.

    We strive to connect, inspire, and empower individuals on their journey of nurturing infants and their families.

  • Why May 15?

    May 15th holds a special significance—the birthday of Zachary Jackson, the son of Yamile Jackson, and the inspiration behind Kangaroo Care Day. This date symbolizes the love, resilience, and life-saving benefits that Kangaroo Care represents. Zach will turn 23 years old, healthy, and full of life.

  • Global Impact:

    Kangaroo Care Day is celebrated worldwide, transcending borders and cultures. Join us in creating a global movement that champions the well-being of newborns and promotes Kangaroo Care as a right and an essential element of health care.