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2024 Kangaroo Care Awareness Day Logo - (Free download)

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Official Logo of the 2024 Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15).

FREE DOWNLOAD for parents, not-for-profit organizations, and healthcare organizations celebrating Kangaroo Care Day. 

Celebrate the spirit of connection and nurturing with the exclusive 2024 Kangaroo Care Awareness Day Logo, available for free download. This emblem beautifully captures the essence of Kangaroo Care, a practice that emphasizes the importance of skin-to-skin contact between caregivers and infants.

The heartwarming design features a stylized kangaroo cradling a precious little one, symbolizing the bond created through this intimate and beneficial care technique. The carefully chosen color palette radiates warmth and tenderness, reflecting the love and support integral to Kangaroo Care.

As advocates for Kangaroo Care Awareness Day, we believe in the power of this practice to promote infant well-being and family bonding. By downloading and incorporating this logo into your materials, you join a global movement dedicated to spreading awareness about the incredible benefits of Kangaroo Care.

Designed with versatility in mind, the 2024 Kangaroo Care Awareness Day Logo is perfect for use in digital campaigns, social media, event posters, and more. Its clean lines and vibrant colors ensure eye-catching visibility while conveying a message of compassion and care.

Download the 2024 Kangaroo Care Awareness Day Logo for free today and become a part of the movement to raise awareness about the positive impact of Kangaroo Care on infants and families. Let this emblem be a symbol of unity, love, and the nurturing connection that defines Kangaroo Care.

For-profit entities, please contact us at to request explicit permission to use it.

Select the language.  Contact for other languages (free).

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  • No modifications to the file are permitted. If you suggest/need any revisions/edits, please get in touch with
  • Do not share the file(s) with anyone outside your project. Please share the website so others can download them for their projects.
  • You receive non-exclusive permission to use it for any non-commercial purpose.
  • When used in digital format, the Kangaroo Care Day logo can only be linked to website.
  • You agree not to charge, rent, sell, or receive compensation for items with Kangaroo Care Day's logo or any resources provided on its website.
  • You agree not to use the logo printed, digital, or in any way for commercial projects.
  • Don't forget to share photos, texts, and videos tagging #kangaroocare #kangaroocareday and contact

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2024 Kangaroo Care Awareness Day Logo - (Free download)

2024 Kangaroo Care Awareness Day Logo - (Free download)

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