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"PROPOSAL: Access and role of parents in neonatology during a COVID-19 epidemic"


CONCLUSION: (Read the original document here)

The risk-benefit balance for hospitalized newborns and their families tilts clearly towards pursuing the widest possible access by both parents to their child, and their integration into care as privileged partners of the healthcare team.

The COVID-19 pandemic involves adaptations and restrictions imposed on parents as well as caregivers. An adapted and thoughtful organization as a team, in alliance with parents, makes it possible to reconcile these imperatives of hygiene with care of quality child and family-centered development. A  support of parents and teams is necessary and must be defined, put in place, supported and followed by management. 

The access of fathers in maternity, in particular in kangaroo units, could make the subject of joint reflections and recommendations with the representatives of obstetricians and midwives."


"... Like the proposals from the French Society of Neonatology SFN, the systematic separation at birth of a mother COVID-19 positive of her baby is not recommended by health departments or organizations of Australia, Canada, Italia, Sweden, Switzerland, or United Kingdom learned; nor by the Union of European Neonatal and Perinatal Societies (UENPS), WHO, UNICEF and the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine.

The set of these organizations, the CDC and American companies of pediatrics and obstetrics do not counter-state breastfeeding that is encouraged if the mother so wishes.

They must be isolated from other children for 14 days for almost all institutions, more if they are positive.

Mother's access is possible with the wearing of a surgical mask and the use of hydro-alcoholic solutions for learned societies French, Swedish, Italian, English, UENPS, WHO and UNICEF. ..."

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