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In Touch With Experts: LIVE - guest Dawn Miller-Hanna - Recording and Resources

Thank you for registering for the In Touch With Experts: LIVE educational series with our guest Dawn Miller-Hanna, RN, BSN, RN-NIC, CKC.

For information about this session click here
Leave your comments to others, us, or Dawn about this session in the bottom of this page. 

Are you having or considering a kangaroo-a-thon for May 2022?  Whether you participate in the one organized by the Kangaroo Care Day or you will have one on your own, click here for more info

Kangaroo Care Day offers free resources (e.g., poster evidence KC, benefits flyers, logs, checklists, etc) and shop at

Click here for more ideas to celebrate, share, and engage

Link to Amazon® kangaroo costumes for adults


Dawn's Goal Tracker Poster (Free download)


Kangaroo Care Day Goal Tracker Poster (Free download)


Send your photos, videos and description to to share in the website.


Kangaroo-joey plush toy




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ABOUT KANGAROO CARE DAY: The International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day is an initiative founded by Yamile Jackson, Ph.D., PE, PMP on behalf of her son, Zachary, to improve the care of families through nurturing touch, kangaroo care, mental health, trauma-informed care, and education.  It is now celebrated in hospitals globally on May 15th since 2011. Visit

She also founded Nurtured by Design and engineered The Zaky®

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