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In Touch With Experts: LIVE - guest Keira Sorrells - Recording and Resources

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What participants are saying:
“Hello!  As a former NICU RN for 8 years at a level 4 NICU and now a practicing Lactation Consultant at a level 2 NICU I found this to be amazing. I have 4 pages of notes I am bringing back to my unit. The entire lecture and all speakers provided great insight and resources I am excited to share. I am confident everyone who joined today is able to apply something to their line of work. Great job. I look forward to future lectures. Thank you. 
Michelle Launi, RN, RNC-NIC , IBCLC”
Here we share resources that were mentioned during the session.

We believe in family-integrated care that is developmentally appropriate and supportive.

We believe that all NICU parents and babies deserve access to the individualized support and resources they need to thrive well beyond leaving the hospital.

And we believe that NICU parents are the most important part of their baby’s care team.

To support these beliefs, NPN has developed the NICU Baby’s Bill of Rights that seeks to inform and empower clinicians to encourage and facilitate bonding between NICU parents and their babies.

2) My NICU Network Staff Education 

We believe that strengthening the parent-baby bond and family functioning in the NICU is the “next big frontier” in improving infant outcomes and that supporting NICU parents is equally important to providing medical care to their baby. Created by professionals and experts by experience with quotes from over 100 NICU graduate parents, “Caring for Babies and Their Families: Providing Psychosocial Support in the NICU,” is a 7-module online continuing education series. CEUs are available.

3) NICU Parent Network member directory 

Search the NICU Parent Network member directory to find support services and resources for your families. Many organizations have virtual offerings suitable for any NICU family no matter their location

NICU parent organizations that were featured: 

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ABOUT KANGAROO CARE DAY: The International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day is an initiative founded by Yamile Jackson, Ph.D., PE, PMP on behalf of her son, Zachary, to improve the care of families through nurturing touch, kangaroo care, mental health, trauma-informed care, and education.  It is now celebrated in hospitals globally on May 15th since 2011. Visit She also founded Nurtured by Design and engineered The Zaky® 

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