Welcome to the Official Website of the 2023 International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15)

Kangaroo Mascot Contest Announcement

We are going to have a kangaroo/joey mascot to use to celebrate the 10th Annual Kangaroo Care Day

OBJECTIVE: We are looking for designs of a kangaroos/joeys to be our mascot for Kangaroo Care Day. 

CONTEST: submit your cute, imperfect, colorful, innovative illustrations of a kangaroo/joey in a reading pose (see example below)

USE: we will be printing them in cards, posters, banners, using them in the website, educational materials etc, and distribute globally for free to celebrate Kangaroo Care Day.


  • We accept concepts, drafts, or full design, color of kangaroo/joey design(s)
  • Submit your own design of one kangaroo/baby pose reading.  Knowing that, about 10-15 different poses will be required from the winner design.
  • Vibrant colors are preferred, avoid orange body or pastel blue/pink
  • Expressive face (could it be shown excited, scared, sad, sleeping, calm?)
  • Also 3 dimensional as it will be shown in poses from the front, side, and sometimes from the back. 
  • Must have Kangaroo and the baby/joey in every design. 
  • Use minimalistic backgrounds if you think it will help your design.
  • Avoid static, cold, unexpressive, symmetric designs.
  • Cannot copy or resemble existing kangaroo clipart - we are not looking for cartoons or cliparts but for illustration. 
  • Want it doing human-like activities, imperfect, uplifting design is preferred.
    SUBMIT before October 30,  2020. Send your design to info@kangaroo.care with your name, phone number, your vision, and anything that can help us evaluate the design.

      WINNERS: We will select 3 finalists who will have the opportunity to submit 1-2 more designs doing different activities.  From those we will select the winner and request the development of 10-15 different poses.

      PRIZES: We will acknowledge the winners in the website, and provide a budget for the additional development of the different poses. 

      Fine Print:

      • It must be original design (not copied)
      • The copyright/commercial must be released to Kangaroo Care Day
      • Void where prohibited


      we found this kangaroo/joey in the style we like but it is  copyrighted, but it has a lot of the elements we are looking for. Design away! 

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