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Educational Series - 5-step dialogue for a mindful connection by Cherry Bond

 Presented by Kangaroo Care Day - Educational Series.

We are proud to feature Cherry Bond, a renowned nurse and developmental care expert from the UK that takes us through a magical 5-step journey that parents, staff, and volunteers can share now with any baby, even the tiniest and sickest – it is called the 5-step dialogue for a mindful connection. 

Video lasts 13 min - Click below, watch it, and leave comments!

Cherry Bond -  Educational Series Kangaroo Care Day



  • Such a useful resource that, as a Speech and Language Therapist, I will definitely be sharing with my unit and the parents I work with.

    Sophie Phillips
  • Thank you for this very informative 5 step Dialogue to our baby’s care. As NICU Developmentalist will help a lot in sharing this to the care givers and parents.

    Buenafe B. Cala

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