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Educational Series: LIVE Q&A with experts - Susan Ludington (recordings available)

Educational Series:  LIVE Q&A with experts - Susan Ludington (recordings available)

About The Session
We hear that parents and babies benefit tremendously from Kangaroo Care, but do we know how much, really? what is the evidence? what happens to the baby and the parent when they are in Skin-to-Skin Care? why should you provide kangaroo care?

The session is all Q&A, with a brief introduction from Dr. Ludington, so the questions are asked by the participants.

In this 60-minute session, Susan Ludington will share her wisdom, answer our questions about kangaroo care, explain the impact of COVID-19, and share how to leverage skin to skin contact to improve the healthcare outcomes of newborn babies and parents in every setting.

Who should watch it?

    • Parent that has not experienced kangaroo care
    • Parents in the NICU, expecting parents, new parents
    • Kangaroo Care Coaches (A Coach is any person that assists parents with anything related with kangaroo care. This includes anyone in the healthcare team, nurses, doctors, therapists, volunteers, advocates, social workers, psychologists, parent leaders, peer/parent support, doulas, lactation professionals, educators, etc.)
    • Anyone that is curious about kangaroo care

To access the recording for both days click here

Susan M. Ludington, RN, CNM, Ph.D., FAAN

Dr. Ludington has been studying Kangaroo Care since 1988, conducting the first research study of the method in the United States. 

She has been repeatedly funded by the National Institutes of Health to conduct randomized controlled trials of Kangaroo Care and establish the evidence base for Kangaroo Care effects on infant physiology and development.  Her research record has earned her  inaugural membership in the International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame, the Audrey Hepburn Award for Global Contributions to the Health of Children from Sigma Theta Tau International and Excellence in Research from the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses.

Dr. Ludington is a founding member of the International Network for Kangaroo Mother Care that was started in 1996 and currently serves as a Steering Committee member of the international group. Dr. Ludington published in 1993 “Kangaroo Care: The Best You Can Do For Your Preterm Infant” that is available for purchase on any e–reader. 

Dr. Ludington is a renowned speaker and principal educator in the United States Institute for Kangaroo Care’s Certification Courses.  She is currently the Margaret Davis Walters Endowed Chair of Pediatric Nursing at Case Western Reserve University’s Bolton School of Nursing in Cleveland, OH.  She has been a maternal-neonatal nurse since 1972 and a certified midwife since 1979.


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