Welcome to the Official Website of the 2023 International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15)

You are invited to register for the 24-hour Global Kangaroo-a-thon during World Prematurity Day.

Kangaroo Care Day is hosting the 24-hour Kangaroo-a-thon
on World Prematurity Day! 

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This year, the theme of World Prematurity Day is Kangaroo Care.  We are facilitating a global friendly competition called "Kangaroo-a-thon" for 24 hours (your local time) on November 17th. And everyone's invited.  Let's work together and nurture babies around the world.


NICUs, PICUs, and every hospital unit that cares for babies is invited to register.

The team leader registers the team, receives the welcome packet, and reports the results of the team's Kangaroo-a-thon. Whether you are an expert in Kangaroo-a-thons, or this is your first one, your welcome package provides easy instructions and resources to track the duration of kangaroo care in 24 hours and to submit the results easily online. 

Register your team now


We will present the results of the "24-hour Kangaroo-a-thon On World Prematurity Day" and announce the winners of different categories on social media, email those who register, and during the Kangaroo Care Mother Care Conference on November 22, 2022, in Madrid, Spain.


There is no cost to participate. We will provide all the information and instructions so your kangaroo-a-thon is as fun, with minimal effort and as successful as possible.



Send us an email to info@kangaroo.care or contact us
We all win!
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