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Jacob, 3 year old, holds his sister skin to skin contact.

By Jordan, United Kingdom

"At the end of April 2019 my wife Sharon and I had twin girls, Georgia and Harper. The girls were 5 weeks premature and had to stay in the Special Care Baby Unit at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for a period of time. 

We experienced a load of mixed emotions and were exhausted. We already have a 3 year old son, Jacob.

The staff throughout this department were absolutely amazing with caring for our girls and making us feel at ease. The level of care and work they put in was unbelievable.

My wife decided to breastfeed our girls and we could not of asked for any more help than we received. The staff, especially Catriona put in loads of time to help my wife find the easiest and most comfortable way.

We were given a private side room that made an incredible difference in how we were able to care for our girls and the amount of time we could spend with them"

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