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Bulgaria - "Our Premature Children" Foundation

Bulgaria -  "Our Premature Children" Foundation

by Nina Nikolova, Bulgaria

“On the 15 of May The first Bulgarian foundation “Our Premature Children” marks the beginning of the International  Kangaroo Care Awareness Day in Bulgaria.
Kangaroo-care is a key element of family-centered care and the most effective way to involve parents in the care of their babies, with the most proven benefits. The World Health Organization recommends kangaroo-care (prolonged skin-to-skin contact) for all babies where it is medically possible.
Kangaroo care has not yet been practice in Bulgaria so far. Our goal is to change this and to bring the care of premature babies and sick newborns close to European Standards and good care recommendations.
We have asked the Bulgarian neonatology wards to become our partner in this initiative by announcing the 15th of May an open day for all parents to the NICU’s. More than 12 UNITS all around the country agreed to open their units for the parents. And enjoy the International kangaroo care awareness day.
In Bulgaria in some units the parents are allow to visit their kids few time per week and only for a few minutes. Very often the parents and the babies are separated for a long period of time, some stay in the hospital.”




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