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Banner University Medical Center, Tucson, AZ, USA

I am an RN in a NICU at Banner UMC. I am also a developmental care specialist who encourages and promotes kangaroo care with in our unit.

We hold kangaroo-a-thons quarterly to promote it with our unit.

We are starting a plan to have parents hold their babies while they are ventilated on the High Frequency Oscillator  Ventilator.


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Using the Zaky Zak for skin to skin care has been really instrumental in increasing our overall skin to skin care on our unit. The Zaky Zak helps provide a more stable and safe way of transferring the baby from isolette to parent for holding skin to skin. It is also helpful in keeping baby secure on their parents chest, thus helping keep all lines, tubes, drains, etc. secure. It definitely takes a village to have a baby be held skin to skin while on HFOV. We utilize the entire team (RN, RT, NP, Parent) to ensure safety and maintaining airway and the needed benefits of HFOV. Often, the RN and RT will stay with the parent and baby to make sure everything is where it should be and stable and secure before leaving the room.


I am trying to get more information on HFVO holding? Have y’all implemented this?

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