Welcome to the Official Website of the 2024 International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15)

Belgium During Kangaroo Care Day! UZA Verantwoordelijke Intensieve Neonatale Zorg

 Our first celebration of International Kangaroo Care Day was a success.

Posters announced parents and staff that something was going to happen that day.

We offered peer support to the parents in our unit. Parents who were interested could exchange experiences and thoughts about kangaroo care with ‘veteran’ parents of babies who stayed with us some time ago.

In our parent room they could have a drink or some sweets.
We made the bottles with the logo and gave them to the parents. 

We also made "buttons" that every nurse/doctor had on our costume with the kangaroo awareness day logo on.

We made a powerpoint about kangaroo care where we explained how to kangaroo, the advantages and we put in pictures of mothers and fathers who have the baby skin-to-skin, also pictures of twins who skin with their parents.  We tried to put in pictures of baby's who have CPAP, are intubated, have no respiratory support, with infusion or without, ...
We played the powerpoint in our hallway and in "the parent room" (a room where parents can sit, relax, eat something...). We also printed it for parents to read it on the room, next to their baby.

Thanks for your support.

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