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How has the Kangaroo Care Day (May 15) impacted your unit or kangaroo care implementation efforts?

How has the Kangaroo Care Day (May 15) impacted your unit or kangaroo care implementation efforts?

We asked clinicians around the world in May 2022, and this are some of their responses -

Share with us how the Kangaroo Care Day has impacted your organization  - click here


Staff and parents are equally involved in the care of babies and having shared decisions, with empowerment and continual support

This really improves our numbers for a sustained amount of time!

In a positive way with regard to raising awareness of professionals on the subject.

Our numbers have gone up each year in the amount of time each baby is held during the kangaroo a thon

I promote skin to skin contact (SSC) as necessary for neurological, metabolic and emotional health.

It just encourages us to highlight the practice

We will see. But hoping that this will raise awareness for staff and parents

This is the first year we acknowledge it

Provides an additional advocacy resource which has widened our access to resources and strengthened our efforts.

Not aware if the unit is celebrating it

Kangaroo Care day focusses everyone on the benefits of KC.  Especially great for new staff to learn about KC and its benefits.  Then the practice continues throughout the year.

We are hoping that this year will help us boost our STS

somewhat however we encourage this care everyday in NICU

It helps us promote it to families!

It’s has motivated more parents in the practice is skin to skin

It really helps the units skin to skin stats and parent frequency of providing this wonderful intervention for their babies.

Parents on our Facebook site are helping to talk about it and share with others. Photos taken and a booklet made.

This is our 7th year promoting Kangaroo Care and the amount of times and parent participation has steadily increased in our unit. Staff comfort is also apparent.

increase of family participation

Has increased awareness.  We see a boost every year for awhile.

Kangaroo Care day gives us a reminder and pause for the value and benefits of kangaroo care. It offers a great opportunity for annual education and celebration.

The day is a celebration of what we try to do for babies and families each day.  It gives our unit a sense of moving daily in the right direction

Brings recognition to benefits and why we implement it.

It has impacted it in a positive way. Our nurses are more knowledgeable and more confident in explaining the rationale behind kangaroo care and encouraging kangaroo care in the unit.

We advertise it in an attempt to improve our practice

Making it more visible

Kangaroo Care has be a very prominent component of the care delivery in our NICU for many years much in part to the dedication of our developmental specials partnering with the physician team. Education and knowledge base of the staff is as well grained into the care delivery process as vital signs, encouraging families to provide this ultimate treatment to their infant. Safety concerns are also in place and a minimum of 5 people provide transition to parent for a ventilated infant.

It helps us to increase awareness across the whole team of how important it is for our babies and families, the resources get newer staff motivated and more confident to be offering it to parents more frequently. It’s


It re-emphasizes the education and advocation for kangaroo care for our patients and the astounding benefits it brings. It is one of the best cares received in the NICU... the closest environment to being back in the womb.

Families and staff have gained more awareness of the benefits of KC and has helped gained interest and excitement about doing/encouraging KC among our NICU staff.

It has increased kangaroo care in general in our ward

Have improved initiation of Kangaroo Care for all NICU admission within 24hr.

we have had more awareness of the importance of skin to skin with the staff and families present in our unit

KC cuddle are up

It promotes more skin to skin care especially for those babies who are just feeders to grow as well as educates staff and parents on the importance.

We are planning to. Do small ceremonies in said the nicu we will invite the family’s and owner the mother with most kangaroo hours

It helps us to raise awareness for this important intervention that only a parent can provide.

We are now promoting Kangaroo care everyday in our unit.  We have also brought back the cuddlers in our unit to support this effort.

It is a great reminder to staff and parents

We hope this will encourage more families to be involved and increase our nursing/respiratory care education.

Kangaroo Care Day has definitely increased knowledge and communication of Kangaroo Care benefits amongst are patients parents.  The spark in communication has helped us with our efforts in getting more infants skin to skin.

The Kangaroo Care day increase the awareness og skin-to-skin contact both in the inter professional NICU staff and the parents.

It has helped tremendously and increased confidence for holding our smallest infants!

Raising awareness for staff and families

It is about reclaiming joy in our unit; things are tough right now and we are looking to find the everyday joy for staff to give to parents and babies!

I believe there is more excitement and buy-in to encourage kangaroo care.

It always helps to promote and get others involved.

Always helps to raise awareness of KMC!!

Very impactful.

Great awareness event

Last year was a huge success and we saw the reflection in our skin to skin rates for the month of May. It sparked our motivation but we want it to last year-round!

This will be our third kangaroo care day! It has brought our team together ❤️

Increase in kangarooing overall

KCD has brought awareness to staff and families regarding the benefits of KC for both baby and mother/father/caregiver.

A lot

Helps bring awareness to the staff on how important and impactful this is for our families.

It has helped to focus our efforts. It is nice to feel we are part of a worldwide initiative.

Working hard to make it a bigger deal. Just prepping has increased our KC

It has certainly strengthened our implementation efforts, and is one more resource that can be used to advocate for developmentally supportive care for all of our babies!

It brings into focus the importance of kangaroo care

It has helped to create energy around Kangaroo Care and make it fun!!

Focusing on kangaroo care

I am trying to get the message out about Kangaroo Care Day by celebrating each year.  This is the first year I am hosting an in person event!

This is a new job for me so I will see how it is in this hospital.

Helped highlight importance of skin to skin care

Brings attention energy and enthusiasm to Kangaroo holding.

Gives us a time to celebrate KC although we probably will celebrate on 5-12 here since it is on weekend this year.

Motivation for revamping our skin to skin family interactions.

It always gets staff and parents together sharing their stories. Parents talking to parents. Our communication department is invited to take photos and share on newsletters, Facebook and twitter

An annual reason to celebrate and shine a light on this important practice. Thank you for motivating us and supporting our efforts!

Helped increase kangaroo care in our nicu

It encourages our families to bond with their baby.

Every year we do the Kangaroo-a-thon our skin to skin numbers increase by at least 5%!

It really inspires families and staff to do kangaroo care

Our staff enjoyed the celebration last year and have planned more activities among the unit.

It helps bring focus to the importance of KC.

Helping to encourage the practice and move the needle towards increased engagement

Helps bring more attention to skin to skin

Inspires family involvement and bonding


Share with us how the Kangaroo Care Day has impacted your organization  - click here

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