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How hospitals around the world are celebrating Kangaroo Care Day (May 15th)

How hospitals around the world are celebrating Kangaroo Care Day (May 15th)
We asked clinicians around the world, "What are your plans for 2024 Kangaroo Care Day (May 15)?" and here are some of their responses -

Royal Victoria Infirmary NICU, United Kingdom

  • Making special keepsakes
  • Knitting hats with "I love skin to skin" labels (which babies will wear during kangaroo care)
  • Making photo frames
  • Hanging kangaroo decorations
  • Decorating the unit

Children's Mercy Kansas City NICU, United States

  • Having drawing/raffles
  • Providing treats for staff and family
  • Giving every family a book from their "Books for Baby" committee
  • Having kangaroo balloons in the entrance along with a poster promoting a kangaroo-a-thon

St. Joseph Medical Center NICU, United States

  • Hosting a 24 hour kangaroo-a-thon and they plan to continue it in their program on an annual basis

HCA FL North Florida Hospital NICU, United States

  • Encouraging a little healthy competition among the staff for getting as many babies in kangaroo care as possible, and acknowledging parent participation in kangaroo care

Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco NICU, United States

  • Having treats for family and staff

Kasese Hima HC111 KMC and NICU, Uganda

  • Scaling up the introduction of KMC strategy in other HFs
  • Engaging private practitioners in maternal neonatal and newborn care to adopt the KMC strategy
  • Strengthening mentorship programs on KMC strategy
  • More healthcare institutional advocacy for more research report documentation on the outcomes of KMC strategy
  • Focusing on ensuring in all HC111s that offer MCH services, there is a two-bed roomed space constructed where there is no extra room for KMC implementation

NICU University Hospital Ghent, Belgium

  • Baking cookies in the shape of a kangaroo
  • Organizing a week long kangaroo-a-thon and letting parents participate with The Zaky® APP
  • Using banners to promote KMC day
  • Sharing little facts about KMC over the ward

McGill University Health Center Montréal Children's Hospital, Canada

  • Hosting a kangaroo-a-thon

Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital NICU, United States

  • Hosting a contest between units at their hospital
  • Hosting a contest between parents in their NICU
  • KMC audits

The Children's Hospital at Westmead Grace NICU, Australia

  • Wearing a kangaroo suit on the starting day
  • Handing out snacks to parents
  • Promoting skin to skin every day

Valley Medical Center NICU, United States

  • Hosting a week long kangaroo-a-thon
  • Celebrating Kangaroo Care Day as a unit on May 15th

Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust SCBU, United States

  • Promoting kangaroo care
  • Inviting parents and caregivers to join
  • Making cakes to celebrate

Kaiser Santa Clara NICU, United States

  • Hosting a kangaroo-a-thon in their NICU

Michigan Medicine Brandon NICU, United States

  • Hosting a two week long kangaroo-a-thon
  • Hosting an education dinner for parents
  • Having prizes, gifts, costumes, and minute trackers

HCA Florida North Florida NICU, United States

  • Hosting a kangaroo-a-thon
  • Having prizes for parents and nurses
  • Hosting a kangaroo-a-thon party

John Muir Medical Center, United States

  • Hosting a single day kangaroo-a-thon
  • Having a book raffle

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital NICU, United States

  • Having bulletin boards in breakrooms to motivate staff
  • Having countdown numbers and info for parents at the front desk
  • Distributing treats with a poem about kangaroo care to families

Memorial Healthcare System NICU at Joe DiMaggio Memorial Miramar and Memorial West, United States

  • Promoting and hosting a kangaroo-a-thon
  • Offering raffles and prizes for the most instances of skin to skin for families and staff
  • Having a staff member dress up in a kangaroo costume
  • Giving certificates of participation to families at the conclusion of the kangaroo-a-thon

Houston Methodist the Woodlands NICU, United States

  • Hosting a kangaroo-a-thon

McMaster Children's Hospital NICU, Canada

  • Hosting a two week long kangaroo-a-thon

Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center NICU, United States

  • Hosting a kangaroo-a-thon
  • Participating in kangaroo care day
  • Giving gift bags for kangaroo care day
  • Giving a large gift basket at random to a parent who participated in the kangaroo-a-thon
  • Having fun things for the staff to participate in

Waiakto Hospital NICU, New Zealand

  • Hosting a seven day kangaroo-a-thon in their unit to accumulate as many hours of kangaroo care as possible

Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters NICU, United States

  • Advertising kangaroo care day within their NICU
  • Having the hospital wide marketing team taking pictures of caregivers performing skin to skin (with their consent)
  • Giving away two raffle baskets and a car seat for parents that participate
  • Providing education via email and in person services for staff on the benefits of skin skin and the standing transfer
Royal Columbian Hospital NICU, Canada
  • Updating the parent bulletin board within the NICU for the month of May with a Kangaroo Care theme
  • Including shared experiences from NICU graduate parents of how KC impacted their journey, or their favourite KC moment
  • Giving out stickers for parents and family and badges for nurses
  • Countdown in the NICU to May 15th
  • Having posters and bedside brochures with KC facts
  • Hosting a Kangaroo-a-thon
  • Having a Kangaroo Care exhibit in the lobby of the hospital for month of May

HCA Florida Gulf Coast Hospital NICU, United States

  • Tracking kangaroo care hours
    Wearing matching shirts that say "Ask me about kangaroo care”
  • Giving out stuffed kangaroos and books to families
  • Giving out resources about kangaroo care to families
  • Broadcasting the event on the news
  • Having someone dress up in a kangaroo costume
  • Ask community resources for gift cards for the families who have to travel far
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