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Kangaroo Care Video from The AGA KHAN University in Pakistan

This is the first local contextual Kangaroo Mother Care video in the country, an effort by Dr. Shabina Ariff and her team from Aga Khan University Pakistan.

It is designed to disseminate kangaroo mother care knowledge among general public especially parents with premature babies in the community and among health care professionals.

Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is a low-cost intervention for managing premature and low birth weight newborns. It involves nestling the baby in  skin-to-skin contact position on the mother’s bare chest as soon as possible after birth, accompanied by exclusive breastfeeding. It keeps the baby warm, safe from infection, improves breastfeeding rates, accelerates weight gain, and strengthens the emotional bond between the mother and child.

Still 50% of births in Pakistan takes place at homes and in the community and uptake of KMC is low unlike other LMIC countries. This video has been developed for advocacy and enhance knowledge, provide confidence to health care providers, and benefit mothers /parents families and society at large .

Dr. Shabina Ariff- shabina.ariff@aku.edu
Hiba Khan – hiba.khan@aku.edu


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