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Ngozi, Burundi in Africa celebrates Kangaroo Care Day!

Ngozi, Burundi in Africa celebrates Kangaroo Care Day!

by Dr. G. Calciolari

Kangaroo Care Day in Ngozi, Burundi

On May 11, the first course on Kangaroo Mother Care and developmental care will be completed.  12 hrs of training sessions per group were provided in 3 days. It has been very well received!

In Ngozi, Burundi, in June, the new KMC unit will be inaugurated.  It is the first in the country. 

The KMC area includes:

    • 1 Room dedicated exclusively to eight (8) beds for KMC. 
    • 1 Living room for recreation and education.
    • Full bathrooms with showers.
    • Kitchen (there is a hospital central kitchen available but here moms can cook what they wish).

The construction of the KMC area (2 large rooms+services) is brought to a conclusion thanks the collaboration between the AMAHORO onlus association of Verona and the FONDAZIONE CHIESI of Parma for the financial support. The AMAHORO association invited Dr. Calciolari - for the purposes of improving the education of the local staff on KMC -   as member of SIN (italian society of neonatology) and of the ZEROPIU' onlus association of Varese.

In the actual neonatal ward Skin to Skin is encouraged and Intermittent KMC is performed.
Fathers are also active in skin to skin even though the local culture is not so favorable towards KMC (they prefer to put babies on their back).

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