Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Celebrates their first Kangaroo Care Day in 2017

by Kim Buenafe

A post with full of Happiness right after the success of the 1st International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day in Care National Hospital ,Riyadh Saudi Arabia, May 15, 2017 with the staff , MICU MHO Head Of Saudi Arabia and its administration.

The head of Neonatal Intensive Care’s Head of Ministry of Health, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Dr.Fahad Al Aql. kicked-off the program with a ribbon cutting ceremony for their 1st year of joining the International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day at the Care National Hospital, Riyadh Saudi Arabia 


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Inside the NICU 

Kangaroo Care introduction and video during presentation.

Mother shares her experience with kangaroo care. She does not wash after leaving the NICU because her skin keeps the scent of her baby when she is at home.



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