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July 12, 2018 - Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia

by Kim Buenafe


International Kangaroo Care Awareness 2018

MCH Dammam Hospital represent 31 MCH-NICU Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia

July 12,2018, Eastern Province Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Its another milestone for our Future Saudi Arabia. Congratulations to MCH Dammam for supporting our babies and their families for raising this Kangaroo Care Awareness and represent 31 MCH-NICU Hospital in Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia.

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Faiza Alsomail

الحمد الله الذي بنعمته تتم الصالحات الله يحفظ هذا الصرح الكبير. الله يسدد خطاكم و يوفقكم لما يحب و يرضي.

Buenafe Cala

Congratulations MCH Dammam for your great job and effort to support our babies and family,through this Kangaroo Care Awareness made happened in ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia .Keep it up and continue to support our future generation.

Buenafe Cala

Congratulations MCH Dammam for representing MINISTRY for this very important awareness to support our parents and newborns in Saudi Arabia to advocate Kangaroo Care.

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