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Publication: KMC by surrogate can have an effect equal to KMC by mother in improving the nutritional behavior and arterial oxygen saturation of the preterm infant: results of a controlled randomized clinical trial

Authors: Mahboubeh Jamehdar, Roghaiyeh Nourizadeh, Aboulhassan Divband, Leila Valizadeh, Mohammadbagher Hosseini, and Sevil Hakimi*

"Result: The score of the PIBBS in both groups increased significantly during 4 days, this difference was not significant between the groups. [Adjusted mean difference (95% Confidence interval), 0.66 (−2.36 to 1.03), P=0.438]. Within the group, among the physiological functions, only O2 saturation had significantly increased during the study. This increase, however, was not statistically different between the two groups. [Adjusted mean difference (95% Confidence interval), 0.102 (−0.68 to 0.88), P=0.761].

Conclusion: When the mother is unable to provide this type of care, it can be provided by the surrogate that is as effective as the mother in improving arterial oxygen saturation and the feeding behavior of the preterm neonates."

Click here for the publication.

Yamile Jackson, PhD, (founder of KC Day) has said for more than a decade:
"In the absence of the parents, any healthy chest is better than a mattress™"
and this research seems to support her intuition ;) 

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