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Kangaroo Care Day - Original Logo and Icon - no year (Free Download)

Kangaroo Care Day - Original Logo and Icon - no year (Free Download)

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Official Logo for Kangaroo Care Awareness Day files (no specific year) 

Includes: PDF,  JPG (white background), and PNG (transparent background) color and black and white

FREE DOWNLOAD for parents, not-for-profit organizations, and healthcare organizations that celebrate Kangaroo Care Day. 

For-profit entities, don't hesitate to contact us to request explicit permission to use this or any resource from this website.

By requesting this free electronic file, you agree to the following:

  • No modifications to the file are permitted. If you suggest/need any revisions/edits, please get in touch with info@kangaroo.care

  • You receive non-exclusive permission to use it in any project.

  • Hyperlink the kangaroo care day logo to www.kangaroo.care when used in digital format.

  • You agree not to charge, rent, sell, or receive any compensation for items with Kangaroo Care Day's logo or any resources provided free on its website.

  • You agree not to use the logo printed, digital, or in any way for commercial purposes.

Don't forget to share photos, texts, and videos of your projects #kangaroocare #kangaroocareday and contact info@kangaroo.care.

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