Welcome to the Official Website of the 2023 International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15)

Calling all mothers of NICU babies born after May 2017; and nurses with experience in Kangaroo Care in the NICU to participate in a Survey from Australia

Kangaroo Care Day is not part of this research but we are happy to share this information. 

"Researchers at The University of Queensland, Australia, are conducting a survey looking at the experiences of nurses and mothers with Kangaroo Care in NICUs globally.

Are you a biological mother of a NICU baby that is less than 3 years old?   Or a NICU nurse with experience in supporting parents with kangaroo care?

They are particularly interested in nurses’ and mothers’ experiences surrounding Kangaroo Mother Care and factors that help or hinder Kangaroo Mother Care practice in the NICU.
Understanding this topic may help create targeted interventions in the future and improve the outcomes of these vulnerable children.

Follow this link to start: tiny.cc/TheJoeyProject

The survey closes on May 15th, Kangaroo Care Day. 

For information contact:

Victoria Gill

PhD Candidate, Neurodevelopmental Follow-Up and Outcomes Group
Mothers, Babies and Women’s Health Program
Mater Research Institute – The University of Queensland
Centre for Children’s Health Research || 62 Graham Street || South Brisbane || QLD 4101 || Australia
t: +61 7 3069 7507    e: victoria.gill1@uq.net.au

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