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2017 India - Kangaroo Care Awareness Day

2017 India - Kangaroo Care Awareness Day
by Dr. Sashi Vani
On 15th of May 2017, we celebrated the awareness cum training session for nurses and doctors.
Post graduate students from different nursing colleges attended along with many doctors and officials from department of health of our state government. The program was conducted at the Indian Institute of Public Health premises.( About 150 attended.)
The highlight of the program was awards of certificates of appreciation to nurses from different medical college hospitals who have done commendable services for the promotion of good quality KMC in their respective units.
On the 13th we had two sessions one at a place called Palanpur where a similar program was conducted and participants included many community based workers from different voluntary service organizations who are working in remote villages with resource constraints , in the field of mother and child health. 
This program was a special one, well attended and well received by the workers.( About 120 attended)
Here also we distributed certificates of appreciation to those community health workers who had done very good work for the promotion of home based KMC and care of very low birth weight babies in very desperate situations at homes.
The same afternoon in a nearby city Deesa, we had another program conducted with the help of local Rotary Club and the members of Indian Medical Association.
We had one meeting with consultants of pediatrics and obstetrics and another one with different groups of the community health workers ( Accredited Social Health Activists ASHA, Auxiliary Nurse Midwives ANM and Aangan Wadi Workers AWWs) (About 250 attended)
In all the celebrations were good and helped in creating a lot of enthusiasm among the participants. Different government programs are now giving priority to KMC in newborn care services. 
State governments have started the courses for master trainers courses for KMC following our first training during the national conference and started creating facilities for KMC wards in different district hospitals.
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