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Here is something easy (and free) that you can do now for Kangaroo Care Day on May 15th

Thank you for supporting Kangaroo Care during COVID-19

TIP: If parents are allowed in the unit and hold their babies but not allowed to do skin to skin, please ask them to hold the babies in the kangaroo care position even if they are clothed. That provides more positive sensorial stimulation than swaddling.

Whether you celebrate Kangaroo Care Day with parents or wishing they could KC, you may download (free) these logos. 

Print, Cut, and share them.
Display them, give one per each hour of KC, or use a safety pin to attach to clothing. Is something easy (and free) to show your support for parents and babies globally during this pandemic. 
We are also very happy to learn that some NICUs are opening the doors to parents on Kangaroo Care Day and we celebrate those news
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