Welcome to the Official Website of the 2023 International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15)

Register your team (for the 24-hour Global Kangaroo-a-thon or up to 2 weeks May 1 to May 15)
Register your team (for the 24-hour Global Kangaroo-a-thon or up to 2 weeks May 1 to May 15)
Register your team (for the 24-hour Global Kangaroo-a-thon or up to 2 weeks May 1 to May 15)

Register your team (for the 24-hour Global Kangaroo-a-thon or up to 2 weeks May 1 to May 15)

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Register your team before your Kangaroo-a-thon starts and receive instructions. 

Participate in the 24-hour on May 15

or up to 15 days from May 1-15.

Why do a kangaroo-a-thon?

  • A kangaroo-a-thon is a way to take a snapshot of your kangaroo care program.
  • Know how many hours babies are held in kangaroo care in your unit, the average duration of the sessions, what percentage of babies are held, etc. 
  • Receive the results and compare your team with other NICUs.
  • We invite you to register and receive everything you need to run an easy and successful project and be counted. 

Whether you are hosting your own kangaroo-a-thon or want to participate in our 24-hour global kangaroo-a-thon (or both), we invite your team to register!

Register your team by adding this "product" to your cart and checkout (free). You will receive a detailed project plan, calendars, invitations, tracking cards for parents to fill in manually, an Excel file to tally all the results, and an easy way to submit your results (only numbers) and evaluation.

Over 82,000 minutes of kangaroo care were tracked by 40+ teams during the Kangaroo-a-thon on World Prematurity Day on November 17, 2022, and it was very short notice. Let us count your team's duration this time! Not sure if you have time or resources to make it work? Register, look at the plan and resources, and then decide if your team participates and submit your results to be counted.  

Let's do this together!

QUESTIONS? Please send us an email at info@kangaroo.care or contact us.

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The Zaky® APP is optional to use in this Kangaroo-a-thon.

It has two phases:

Phase 1 is The Zaky MOBILE APP, which is live and working. Parents can track kangaroo care and other activities, journal, and invite others to join the baby's group. 

Phase 2 is the WEB APP for team leaders and coaches, and it manages kangaroo-a-thons and kangaroo care teams, but unfortunately, we are in the latest testing phase, and we are not sure it will be ready for May 15's kangaroo-a-thon. Therefore, we decided not to wait and announce that this Kangaroo-a-thon is for the 24 hours of May 15 in your local time. Parents may use the mobile app to track kangaroo care or the tracking cards provided in the welcome packet you will receive with the registration.

By requesting and downloading any free electronic file, you agree to the following:

  • No modifications to the file are permitted. If you suggest/need any revisions/edits, please get in touch with info@kangaroo.care
  • If you want to invite other teams to participate, you will share the link to this page and not share any files outside your team.
  • You receive non-exclusive permission to use it for any non-commercial purpose.
  • When used in digital format, the kangaroo care day logo can only be linked to the www.kangaroo.care website.
  • You agree not to charge, rent, sell, or receive compensation for items with Kangaroo Care Day's logo or any resources provided on its website.
  • You agree not to use the logo printed, digital, or in any way for commercial projects.
  • Don't forget to share photos, texts, and videos tagging #kangaroocare #kangaroocareday and contact info@kangaroo.care

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