Welcome to the Official Website of the 2023 International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15)

Nominations for the 2023 Kangaroo Care Team Leader of the Year Award (deadline is May 1st, 2023)


Join us to recognize the TEAM LEADERS that have made a difference by leading the kangaroo care day celebrations in their community in every corner of the world. Anyone may nominate a Team Leader.

Who is a "Kangaroo Care Team Leader"?

Kangaroo Care "Team leader" is a person that leads the efforts for celebrating, educating, inspiring, and making kangaroo care happen for their team.  If there are team co-leaders then you may submit one nomination per Team Leader. 

We welcome self-nominations.

What is a Team?

A "Team" is usually a hospital unit that participates in kangaroo care activities. It consists of a Team Leader, Coaches, and Families.

Who is a Coach?

Kangaroo Care "Coach" is a person that assist parents with anything related to kangaroo care. This includes anyone on the healthcare team, volunteers, advocates, social workers, psychologists, parent leaders, peer/ parent support, doulas, lactation professionals, educators, etc.

What do I do now?

We will contact them to request their official acceptance to be considered for the award.

What happens after I submit my nomination? 

Our diverse team will select the Team Leaders (one per country) and we will consider the nomination and the number of times s/he was nominated. 
We will announce the winner on May 15th, 2023 on this website and social media.
Questions? info@kangaroo.care