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Instructions for NIDCAP Parents

Creating your baby account in The Zaky mobile APP will take about 5 minutes.

When you join a team, your baby automatically participates in contests scheduled by the Team Leader. You may join and leave the team at any time.

Step 1 - Create an account for your baby

Go to

Click on Parents or the link to download the mobile app.

iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet.

English, Spanish, French.

Step 2 - Click on COMPETE and Join a Team

Parents may use The Zaky APP without joining a team.

To join your NIDCAP NICU's team, have the TEAM CODE provided by the Team Leader.

Once you register the baby, click on COMPETE on the lower menu bar of the mobile app.

Create a SCREEN NAME for your baby which will be shared with other team members (babies, coaches, team leader) and follow the instructions to enter the TEAM CODE.

Start tracking your activities.

Only if you join a team the baby's screen name, Kangaroo Care duration and your location will be seen by all parents of babies in the team.

Babies and coaches automatically participate in any CONTEST the Team Leader schedules.

Step 3 (OPTIONAL) Invite others to your baby's group

Invite your partner, family members, anyone that you would like to participate with you in your baby's mobile app account.

They will have access to the activities you choose, and are able to collaborate in the journal.

Only those with access to the Kangaroo Care Activity will be able to see your baby's COMPETE tab and info.

Step 4 -See your baby's and team's ranking

Track Kangaroo Care sessions and see your baby's and team ranking.

What you share:

With other parents and coaches in your own team, you share the baby's screen name, kangaroo care duration, and City/State/Country.

With the Team Leader, you also share the parent's name (the one that registered the baby on the mobile app), baby's name, and the optional short survey you fill after tracking every kangaroo care session.

With other NIDCAP teams, only the aggregate of the team's kangaroo care duration is shared.

Step 5 - Track your Kangaroo Care Sessions

Track your kangaroo care sessions either with a timer or manually.

At the end of tracking each kangaroo care session, you'll encounter three optional screens:

1. [Optional] Reflect on your kangaroo care session. Your answers are viewed by the Team Leader, not by team members.

2. [Optional] Identify the most helpful coach. Please ask the coach for their screen name for entry so they receive the duration of the session. This info is visible to the Team Leader and the selected coach.

3. [Optional] After the coach screen there is another screen that you may choose to participate in a kangaroo care study. Information provided will be de-identified and seen only by researchers (not the team leader of other team members)

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