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Invitation for guests for "In touch with experts: LIVE", the educational series for parents (and clinicians)

Invitation for guests for "In touch with experts: LIVE," the educational series for parents (and clinicians)

If you are reading this page, you are an expert in a topic that may interest NICU parents. We would like to give you more information about our series and invite you to consider joining us as our guest in a session. 

The NICU is a unique and scary place for families.  We know because we are parents of former NICU babies, and often a conversation with an expert made a difference in our lives.

OBJECTIVE: The "In touch with experts" educational series' primary purpose is to share the science and evidence in various topics for free and lay terms.

TOPIC:  Your topic should answer: "If you had the opportunity to talk with a NICU family at any point of their journey, what would you like them to know?"

PARTICIPANTS:  We invite parents and clinicians worldwide to participate, so we request the speaker use lay terminology and keep acronyms to a minimum.  We collaborate with other NICU parent organizations to spread the word and find and evaluate topics of interest.  We want to empower parents to learn, and we ask them to spread the word about what they learned in the sessions.

WHY?  Love and scientific knowledge light our way™.  We invite NICU parents (and clinicians) to hear about the latest research directly from experts in a non-threatening environment and receive evidence-based and proven responses.  Many parents sometimes don't know what to ask the NICU staff, are uncomfortable asking, or rely on social media (exposed to misinformation).

FORMAT:  This Q&A session is informal, interactive, presented in lay terms via Zoom®.  The session includes a brief introduction of the topic and the speaker, a short presentation by the speaker (optional), and then we open for Q&A from the audience/host.  Note that it is not a webinar where the speaker presents for 40-50 min. The Q&A is short. We don't provide CEUs.

SPEAKER FEE: TBD by the speaker.

DATES:  Once a month, in the middle of the month.
On May 12th, we will celebrate Kangaroo Care Awareness Day with three sessions.


LANGUAGES:  Once a month, we offer a session in English.  In 2022 we will add at least two sessions with Spanish experts and provide translated sessions to other languages.  

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY:  All the proprietary or copyrighted information shared by the speaker stays with the speaker.  We only request explicit permission to use and disseminate the session via video, audio, or a transcript, including the kangaroo: care website, social media, and The Zaky mobile app for parents.

INTERESTED?  Please email us at with your suggested topic (or questions, comments, or suggestions):

  • Write on the subject "[In touch with experts]" and a clear, informative headline as the topic or just tell us that you are interested in being a speaker.
  • In the body of the email:
    • Please send us your name, organization affiliation, and contact information.
    • Briefly summarize your topic and why it is relevant to NICU parents.
    • Specify if your topic is timely.
    • Briefly explain why you're the right person to present the topic. What's your relevant expertise or experience (be brief, please)?
    • Specify your availability for an introductory conversation with us (15-20 min) via phone or Zoom®.
    • Is there anything you would like to share that we have not asked?

We appreciate your interest in our "In touch with experts" educational series.

We look forward to hearing from you, 



Producer and Host: Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE, PMP 
Mother of a former micro-preemie (5 months in 2 different NICUs)
Founder, Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15)
CEO, Nurtured by Design-The Zaky 






Producer and Co-Host: Marie Boone-Clark
CCO, Antonia and Grace
Business Development Strategist

Marie Boone-Clark is an experienced Business Development Strategist. Her career spans 30+ years, including leadership and expertise in marketing, medical sales, and operations. Marie is co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Antonia & Grace, a Public Benefit Corporation that provides subscription-based, culturally fluent health concierge services for birthing people, as well as a prenatal and postnatal resource services platform. For the majority of her career, Marie served in various leadership roles at Mead Johnson Nutrition.  Through leadership, personal growth and professional development, Marie led in several management positions, and the last was Associate Director of North America Professional Services. Marie obtained a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior Studies from the University of Evansville.  She currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.