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Kangaroo Care Cards (Free Download)

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Available in English and Spanish.

Thank you for celebrating Kangaroo Care Awareness Day (May 15).

Please tell us what you think about the cards at or contact us. Your feedback helps us provide more resources to complement your efforts to celebrate KC Day. Which was your favorite? Do you have suggestions for new cards?  

Here are some ideas:

  • Share them on social media.
  • Please print them and give them to families and staff.
  • Place them around the unit (Hand washing station, windows, bedside, entrance, lounge tables, etc. )
  • Tag us on Instagram @kangaroocareday and @thezaky, and the hashtags on the cards.
  • How else are you using them? Let us know if you want specific cards - we would love your suggestions.

By downloading and using any of the cards, you agree to the fine print below. 

By using any or all of these cards or files, you legally agree to the following:

  • The cards are provided at no cost by The Zaky® and Nurtured by Design®. No purchase is necessary.
  • Use as many cards as you like; some may not apply to your project.
  • If you downloaded the cards from, you received permission to use them. Otherwise, you do not have copyright release and must delete them.
  • If you disagree with the content of a card, don't use it. If you have revisions or ideas for more cards, please send them to
  • Nurtured by Design assumes no responsibility for any errors omissions or results obtained from using this or other resources and information.
  • The Zaky ZAK® is a safety device for holding babies that weigh 1-15 lbs in kangaroo care engineered by Nurtured by Design. It is the only KC device engineered by a PhD in ergonomics engineering and NICU mom for hospitalized babies.
  • These cards are provided for information and fun only and shall not be considered medical advice. Always ask a professional for advice about your questions.
  • No deletion, cropping, extraction, or modification to any part of any file provided free by Kangaroo Care Day or The Zaky® is permitted. To suggest, request revisions or edits, or add your logo or content, don't hesitate to contact
  • You may add non-commercial information to the cards. Think logos of your hospital or team, names, or any other information.
  • You receive non-exclusive permission to use it in your projects and share it with anyone in your organization, social media, digital, or print format.
  • The Zaky® mobile app is free and developed by Nurtured by Design.
  • Others may request the files from or download them for free at
  • You agree not to charge, rent, sell, or receive any compensation for items using the logo of Kangaroo Care Day (May 15) or any resources provided free by The Zaky or Kangaroo Care Day.
  • You agree not to use anything with a printed or digital logo or anything provided for free for commercial purposes.

Contact for questions or explicit permission for for-profit organizations or commercial use.

Find other free resources at

© 2024, Nurtured by Design, All Rights Reserved.
Kangaroo Care Cards (Free Download)

Kangaroo Care Cards (Free Download)

Regular price $0.00
Sale price $0.00

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