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File for the Kangaroo-a-thon on KC DAY 2023

Thank you for participating in the 2023 Kangaroo-a-thon on Kangaroo Care Day (May 15) 

You received the email and here is the Excel file with all the results that were submitted. 

Please check your numbers to make sure they are ok. If you have any corrections please send them to me clearly stating the column and the team name to

This link provides the file with the latest data

Last Revision: July 7, 2023

We have been busy finishing the Kangaroo Care App called The Zaky, developed by Nurtured by Design and funded by the Gates Foundation, for teams to keep track of the kangaroo care happening in their teams and the kangaroo-a-thon in real-time. 

We are looking for BETA TESTERS. Email me if you are interested in learning more. 

The next kangaroo-a-thon is on World Prematurity Day (Nov 17); using the app is optional.

Stay tuned for the release date of the app and the next kangaroo-a-thon on World Prematurity Day (November 17, 2023)

Click here to learn more about The Zaky ZAK