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Logo Usage Copyright Release for For-Profit Organizations 2023 Kangaroo Care Day (May 15) Logo

Thank you for requesting the KCD - 2023 Kangaroo Care Day (May 15) logo, and for celebrating this event for parents, babies, and those that care for them.

  • Please send a copy of how you intend to use the logo to to receive the copyright release for 2023.
  • KCD wants to see the full-color logo on a white background.
  • The clear space around the logo should be at least half the height of the number 2.
  • Use a tagline at the bottom of the page, acknowledging that the logo is trademarked by Kangaroo Care Day (May 15) and independent from your company.
  • When used in digital format, the kangaroo care day logo can only be linked to website.
  • You agree not to charge, rent, sell, or receive compensation for items with Kangaroo Care Day's logo or any resources provided on its website.
  • Don't forget to share photos, texts, and videos tagging #kangaroocare #kangaroocareday and contact

What not to do with the KCD logo:

  • No modifications to the file are permitted. If you suggest/need any revisions/edits, please get in touch with
  • Do not share the file(s) with anyone outside your project. Please share the website so others can request them for their projects.
  • You can't use the logo in any way that implies KCD endorses your company, products, or website.
  • Don't use any of the older versions of the KCD logo.
  • Don't change the colors or modify the design in any way.
  • Don't do anything that links the KCD logo with your own. 
  • Don't use the KCD logos on your merchandise, swag, or promotional items (whether they are for sale or gifts).